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Frequently Asked Questions

In here you can find answers to the questions that companies, studios, game creators and developers frequently ask from Mobin Land. If you can’t find answers to your questions in this section, don’t worry; you can contact us at any time.

Mobin Land is a game exporting accelerator that mainly focuses on new and professional game studios and game developer teams.

Our goal is to help game developer teams and studios achieve market development and monetization and we work hard to pave their way towards globalizing Iranian games.

The mentoring program is instructed by experts and specialists of the game industry and the program includes all the aspects of market development: user acquisition, monetization, designing user interface, marketing, digital advertising campaign, set up, technical optimization, business models, and choosing the right platform. Our consultancy is tailored based on every studios’ needs and you will be instructed and advised in technical, commercial, financial and legal aspects in the mentoring program.

First we will select and publish the top local games, next during specified time, the game developers will be advised by our mentors and consultants to make necessary technical, commercial, financial and legal changes. If the key factors (of the game) are in alignment with the  advise, given to the game developers, on an international level, the budget will be provided for international investment.

We invest in published and developed games as well as games have more than 50% of progress in their production.

No. We will help you found a corporate/legal entity. You need to be fully committed and devote your time and energy on this project. We care about cohesion, motivation and enthusiasm of your team more than anything else.

We are interested in all types of games and operating systems. We are specifically interested in mobile games there is a remarkable potential for market growth in this domain.

Our contact information is available on the website and you can send your game by proposal and APK or contact us for further information.

Yes. Nowadays most companies are teleworking and plus the learning courses are offered online, therefore you can apply from any part of Iran and use the services and support of Mobin Land.

The posted games will be checked and judged by our experts. Some of the criteria for selecting games are as follows: technical and executive capabilities of the teams, resume of the applicants and companies, quality of the games, monetization criteria, complete business plan and most importantly motivation and perseverance of the team members.

The amount of fund invested in different games vary and it will be determined after evaluating the games. The support and investment are both financial and non-financial.

The contracts vary based on the type of games and negotiations conducted with the teams.

Yes, however it’s bound to our existing space. Another service that Mobin Land offers its clients is providing space for game developer teams to settle. Since it’s located downtown and close to public transportation, team members are able to commute easily and they can also benefit from internet, server and data center facilities offered in Mobin Land. They even have the advantage of working next to the instructors and consultants of this field.

Cooperation with
Mobin Land Accelerator

All of the models and suggestions that were sent to us will be checked by our team of specialists and meetings will be held for them.

Every company, studio or game developer team can benefit from our unlimited support and services based on the quality of their game and model. They can develop, improve, publish and monetize their games.

Mobin Land accompanies game developers towards the development and publication of their games and provides all the necessary facilities (from mentorship to publication services) for them. Furthermore game developers can simply use an Iranian publisher for their games.


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