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Specialized center for
investment and publication of top Mobile Games

We can also help international developers and publishers to localize, monetize, market and distribute their mobile games in Iran and MENA region
We believe that Iranian game developers and specialists are very competent and we will be supporting them along the way to publish their games in the local and international markets.

Why US?

Mobin Land helps game developers fulfill their revenue strategies

per its specialty and experience in the local and international publication of mobile games.


Variety of partnership models to support Iranian game developers


investment for developing Iranian games


Publishing and marketing mobile games in Iranian and global markets

Key features of Mobin Land

Specialty, experience & local and foreign relations in supporting and publishing mobile games are the most significant features of us.

Mobin Land game accelerator has been able to take significant measures to globalize Iranian games thanks to its specialty, expertise, years of experience, and wide range of local and foreign relations in the game ecosystem.

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Mobin Land
A place where the dreams of mobile game developers come true

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Based on the information gained through close contact with the game ecosystem of Iran and the needs assessment of the Iranian game developers, it seems that the most important current problems in this field are the insufficient fund for game developer teams and marketing needs. Mobin Land has been able to fill this void.

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Mobin Land A place where the dreams of Iranian game developers come true